Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 23 / S9 EP 300 English subbed

Fairy Tail Episode 300 English subbed

“Historia of Corpses”
“Shikabane no Hisutoria”
( 屍のヒストリア)

Furious over his humiliation by Natsu and Lucy, Jacob threatens to kill the hostages within his pocket dimension until Lucy tells him that he has unknowingly captured Brandish and Marin as well.

When Jacob releases the two, Lucy uses Gemini’s power to copy Marin’s spatial magic and free the rest of the guild from Jacob’s spell.

After Natsu uses his Fire Dragon King Mode to defeat Jacob, Mavis instructs Cana to release her body from its stasis by using Fairy Glitter to destroy her illusory form.

In northern Fiore, Gajeel’s team discovers that Saber Tooth and Blue Pegasus have been defeated and crucified by the Alvarez army.

In Hargeon, Erza, Jellal, and Kagura encounter a replica of the deceased Simon called a Historia, created by Neinhart to torment the trio.

After sending Jellal and Kagura into the ocean, Neinhart creates Historias of powerful dead figures from Erza and her allies’ pasts to fight them.

Kagura considers leaving an unconscious Jellal to drown for killing Simon, but stops and abandons her grudge to resuscitate him.


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