Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 19 / S9 EP 296 English subbed

Fairy Tail Episode 296 English subbed

Fairy Tail Episode 296 English subbed

“What I Want to Do”
“Atashi no Shitai Koto”
( あたしのしたい事)

After being saved from Marin by Lucy and Cana, Brandish reveals herself as the daughter of Layla’s servant Grammi, whom she presumes Layla killed over possession of Aquarius’s key.

When Brandish attempts to kill Lucy again to avenge Grammi, however, Lucy is rescued by Aquarius, who has gained a new key in an unknown location to replace her broken one, temporarily reuniting with Lucy.

Aquarius takes the wizards to her memory of their mothers’ past, where they watch Grammi inadvertently causing Layla to give up her life to open Eclipse without Aquarius’s key, resulting in Zoldio killing Grammi.

Happy arrives with the catatonic Natsu, whom Porlyusica diagnoses with a malignant tumor caused by his overexertion of magic.

Learning that the tumor cannot be removed, Brandish helps Natsu by shrinking it instead.

As Aquarius returns to the celestial world, Lucy promises to find her key after the war.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail’s allies struggle against the Spriggan 12, with God Serena single-handedly overpowering the Four Emperors.


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